St. Dorothy Faculty and Staff


St. Dorothy Elementary School fosters a harmonious environment in which students grow in mind, body and spirit. Students are encouraged to become responsible, productive, effective learners who develop the self-esteem, self-discipline and knowledge to become contributing citizens in our society. The two goals guiding our mission are academic perseverance and educational success for all. 


Principal Ms. Denise Maroun
School Secretary Ms Tabitha

Pre-School Cycle

Pre-Kindergarten A / B Mrs. Maria Marrazza English
Kindergarten Ms. Adriana Di Benedetto Français/ English

Cycle One

Grade 1A / 2A Ms. Kendra Fabes English
Niveau 1A / 2A Mme Louise Hamelin Français

Cycle Two

Grade 3A / 4A Ms. Cristina Zomparelli English
Niveau 3A / 4A Ms. Anne Kamdem Français

Cycle Three

Grade 6A Mrs. Christina Maalouf English
Niveau 6A Mme Sandra Gloria Français


Physical Education Mr. Francis Martin English
Musique Mme Caroline Derome Français
Resource Teacher Mrs. Stephanie Ianelli English/ Français
Resource Teacher Ms. Anita Stante English

Support Staff

ICT Facilitator: Ms. Sherron Anglin
Behaviour Technician: Sonia Zapitosky
Child Care Worker: Mr. Marco De Crescentis
Library Technician: Ms. Anne Stoger
Lunch Supervisor: Mrs. Pina Sospirato-Teoli
Lunch Supervisor: Mrs. Anna Cuscuna-Delle Donne

Caretaking Staff

Day Caretaker: Mr. Mike Lento
Night Caretaker: Mr. Angelo Ventrella


French: M. Anthony

PELO Teachers

Italian: Mrs. Pina Priore Occhinonero
Italian: Mrs. Annuziata Manzione D'Elia


Technician: Mrs. Sandra Petrillo
Educators: Mrs. Mary and Ms. Stefanie

Professional Staff

Speech Therapist: Mrs. Raluca Oanea
Occupational Therapist: Mrs. Olivia Di Marino
Psychologist Mrs. Jenny Vitoratos
Nurse Mrs. Elizabeth Belanger-Roy
Special Ed. Consultant Mrs. Liliane Yiptong