At our school we integrate computer skills within the curriculum. This provides a wide variety of learning experiences, and teaches students the skills needed to research information on-line and reinforce their understanding of course material.

pre school cycle

Pre-School Cycle:

Students acquire the  abilities to navigate new educational games reinforcing their phonetic awareness.  This year in English they had accounts to:
* Squiggle Park, explored, Starfall, PBS, Toy theater and many others.
* In French they had accounts to Au royaume des sons, and explored  Taka T’amuser amongst other games on our website.
* In English they worked on an Adobe Spark video project called "Who am I?" (Pre-Kindergarten) and "When I grow up" (Kindergarten).
* In French they worked on a stop-motion animation project exploring their letter sounds.


Cycle 1:

Students used the computers to enhance their language, math, and media literacy skills in both English and French. During the course of the year students used:
* RAZ KIDS program to develop reading and comprehensions skills.
* A variety of software using the ipads and computers
* Animation software called FlipBoom, to respond to stories that they read in class, develop writing skills and to practice grammar rules.
* ipad apps to develop reading fluency.
* QR codes to listen to books, develop reading fluency, and respond to stories.
* QR codes to engage in letter sound, word, and vocabulary development.
* ipad apps to develop numeracy skills.
* Interactive activities using the smartboard to develop subject competencies.


Cycle 2:

Students used the computers to reinforce their language, math, and coding skills:
* In English, they reinforced their math skills using Reflex math,
* Learned to code interactive stories using an online coding software called Scratch.
* Explored how to use Google docs and basic of google classroom.
* In French they used Duolingo to reinforce their language learning.
* Participated in a Lego robotics presentation called Propulsion.
* Visited a French senior home and had individual videotaped interviews with the residences all in French.
* Videotaped and edited short presentations on the Aboriginal tribes in Quebec
* They also participated in a science fair in which in which students learned how to research information online by first forming a hypothesis then going to the internet for answers.


Cycle 3:

This year the cycle 3 students had chromebooks in their classrooms. They learned how to use google apps to write original texts both in French and English, and used Kahoot to develop questions about topics they were researching.
* In English they reinforced their math skills using Reflex math, used google apps to write news articles and stories, and learned how to research information online and cite their resources
*Coded interactive stories using Scratch ( Grade 5) (Grade 6) Showcasing our school.
* In french they participated in a science fair each student worked in a group, wrote a hypothesis and researched information online to answer their questions.
* Participated in a multicultural project, inwhich they used google slides showcase a specific country.
* During Mini-Day the students in grade 5 learned how to make stop-motion animation using an ipad and the students in grade 6 learned how to design and produce their very own yearbook.
* In Music they created original halloween sound tracks using GarageBand.