Grade 4B / 5B (Work in Progress)

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This year the Grade 5 students had the opportunity to explore and experiment with the online program called Scratch. As a result, they used the coding program to create a narrative.  In grade 4 this year the students were introduced to different types of figurative language. The students were especially interested with their study of idioms. Therefore, they linked their study to technology using the coding program, “Scratch.” Each student chose a different idiom and created an animation which would explain the meaning of the idiom to their peers.

Smart Cookie

By Sophia Cantello
Instructions Click on the flag.Then click the space bar.

Chilling out

By Faran Noor Chowdhury
Instructions: Hey Everyone this project is about idioms to start press the flag for music press the space bar to start the whole thing then it goes on its own.


By Isabella Di Camillo
Instructions: Click on the flag.Click on the characters


By Monica Ha
Instructions: Click on the flag and follow the directions.

Fortune Cookie

By Blaise Loko
Instructions: Click on the flag and see what happends?

Bing Bong

Matthew Luong
Instructions: Click on the flag.

Down in the Dumps

By Jesse Mancini
Instructions: Click the flag Once it is open then click the girl sprite then click the boy sprite.

Through the Mirror

By Serina Pagliuca
Instructions: Ruby gets taken away by a witch but is she really what we think she is? Follow the instructions in the story to make a creative story. ENJOY!!!

U on Scratch

By Liam Calligaris
Instructions: Click on the flag and see what happends?


By Dean Peterson
Instructions Click on the flag.


By Brayan Quezada Herrera
Instructions Click on the flag.

Going Banana's

By Adriano Vitullo
Instructions: To play this game find the secrete passage.