Grade 4 : Interactive Stories on Idioms

This year the students were introduced to different types of figurative language. The students were especially interested with their study of idioms. Therefore, they linked their study to technology using the coding program, “Scratch.” Each student chose a different idiom and created an animation which would explain the meaning of the idiom to their peers.
(Please wait while the stories load) - Work in Progress

Going Bananas!

By Vaishnavi Devarapalli
Instructions: Hi everyone! This is a project about idioms!! To start this game, you press the flag. After the girls are done talking, you will need to press the down arrow. After the girl on the right is done thinking, press the left arrow. When their conversation is over, press the right arrow. To go back to the previous page press the left arrow. and - Voilà!! There you have it - the Idiom for, "Goes bananas." P.S please don't remix my project!!!

The Frog

By Matthew Parente:
Instructions: Click on the flag to discover what will happen?

Slam Dunk

By Justin Sam
Instructions: Hi everyone, to start this game you have to press the green flag.

Under The Weather

By Anna Maria Di Giacomo
Instructions: Hi everyone!!! This project is about idioms. To start the project press the right arrow. After everything will manage by itself .Thank you for watching !!!!
P.S Please don't remix it .

The Smart Cookie

By Maya Comlekcioglu
Instructions: To activate this project you must find a word that has the same meaning as intelligent. Then enter the letters on the keyboard in sequence. GOOD LUCK

Getting The Hang of It

By Ali Bassam
Instructions: To start this story about idioms, press the flag. To stop just press the red octagon next to the flag. Hope you enjoy!

The Clam

By Diego Sanchez-Pereyra
Instructions: Press the space bar to go to the next page

On a Wild Goose Chase

By Anthony Savignac:
Instructons: This story is about a girl who didn't know what the idiom," On a wild goose chase" meant.Press the flag to view my project. Enjoy!!!!

Dog Tired

Johnny Minh Tong
Instructions: This is a project on idioms. Press the flag to get started. Hope you strangers and classmates like it!

Skating on Thin Ice

By Alessia Zaccardo
Instructions: Hi everyone!! This is a project about idioms. To start this project press the green flag .Thank You for watching my idiom project!!!

  By Marshal lIsrall-Burnett
  By Ryan Sousa