The grade 3 students were asked to create an animated narrative using an online coding program named, "Scratch".

Craby's Question

By Adam Ayari
Instructions: Type in the Text box.

Fudge nuggets!

By Caylee Duong
Instructions Press the green flag to start. When the letters start spinning wait till they stop. WHEN it stops press the space bar and wait because it will change backgrounds by itself! ENJOY!

Last Chance

Nour Bassam
Instructions: Click the green flag to begin, beware of the shark! Do not be scared he only eats humans. I mean only humans in water. Second, watch the whole thing.

The Boy Who Shot On Net!

Adriano De Luca
Instructions: Click on the Green Flag

Crazy Ball

By Angela Ha
Instructions Click the flag to start the game Click B for a boy, Click G for a girl, and click numbers 0-9 to explore the game

The Story with No Action:

Joel NarcisseLoko
Instructions Click on the Flag and read what it says Press d,p or a at some point,but do what it says and there is some problem... I think...

The Two Amazing Cats Learn to fly

By Anthony Luu
First click on the flag. After you need to press top row of the keyboard starting with Q,W,E until you get to O. Then you need to press the up key to make the cat fly. When you get to D press space and press the left arrow until its half way then press the right arrow until its back to normal and press X

Not What you Think

By Lorena Molina-Selvaggi
Instructions: Click on the Flan, then click on the right arrow

The Last Pop Tart

By Delia Vecere
Working on it

!!!Fudge Land!!!

By Shriya Patel
Instructions This is a mini game.Click on the characters!

The Sorry Cat

By SteveQuezada Herrera
Instructions: Press the green flag

Unicorns Vs Humans

By Sasha Nadira Ruiz
Instructions Cick on the human sprite after you click on the flag. Who will win?


By Leonardo Sorgiacomo-Ponce

The Best and the Worst Day Ever

By Tahira Abedin
Instructions: Click on the green flag. When you play tag you have to click on the penguin.


By Nathaniel Dezardouin
Instructions: Click on the Flag to begin.


By Kingston Duchesneau
Instructions: Press the Green Flag -