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The library welcomes all staff and students to find a good book, research a topic, prepare for a test or use a meeting room. Mrs. Stoger is happy to collaborate with teachers to know their information needs and prepare relevant sources, and to assist students with their book selection and information-searching.

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How to Cite

How to Cite

Always credit your sources! Making a bibliography is quick and easy with these generators and tutorials:

bibme.org easybib.com Cardif University Tutorial

What is Plagiarism?

What is Plagiarism?

  • Submitting someone else's work as your own.
  • Copying words or ideas from someone else without attributing the source.
  • Including a quotation without quotation marks.

What is Copyright?

What is Copyright?

Copyright gives creators the legal right to be paid for their work, and to control the use of their creations.

Copibec is a website that allows you to check the terms and conditions of the copying agreement covering your educational institution.

Copibec Website

What is Creative Commons?

A Creative Commons license works alongside Copyright. It provides a standardized way to share and use a work on the conditions set by an author.

Creative Commons Website How to search C.C.
C.C. Licencing Terms

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Anne Stoger (Librarian)

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Welcome to the St. Dorothy Library, a place where our students can explore their imaginations through books and activities.


Library Mural

Last Fall, Marcio Melo, a local artist, guided our students in designing a mural for the school library. Teachers selected three talented students in each class to participate in this art activity.

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Relax and Read

Spend some time at the library today and enjoy a good book or study at our quiet reading area.


Say Hello to Ms. Stoger

Ms. Anne Stoger our Documentation Technician is happy to collaborate with teachers and to assist students with book selection and information-searching.


EMSB Reads Wants You!

Pick a book. Read it. Vote for it by ballot in your school library.

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