GAMES from the Toy Theater  

Balloon Pop. Don't let the monkeys fly away,
pop the balloons and track your score on a graph.



Space Race. Count the squares to move your spaceship and win the race.



Match the wings that are the same and watch the butterfly fly away.



Math games



Place the race cars in the correct order that they finish the race.


Feed Freddy Freddy grows when you feed him numbers, letters, colors, shapes, and patterns.

How many goals can you save? Count them using a ten frame? golie


Count the seeds and watch the flowers grow?


Fishing, Fishing. How many fish can you catch? Use the bar chart to keep track. fish
Number pattern number pattern
How Many Pattern. Count the seed groups and watch the flowers grow? pattern
Which spaceman is different? 1
Letter fall. Learn to type letter
Make your own music notes
Labyrinth l