Extra Curricular Programs

Each year we facilitate lunchtime and after school activities. Please encourage your child to join.

Lunch-Time Activities

The St. Dorothy School Choir is available to all interested students. We encourage all students to have fun singing, to learn about music. Choir practice is held twice a week during lunchtime.

Throughout the year there are hockey games or soccer games.

Reflex Math is a great way to improve your math skills, before competitions students are invited to practice their skills

Students are invited to come to the lab to finish up their homework assignments and work on special student driven audio-visual projects.

After-School Activities

This program, the teaching of the language of origin, is a special project totally financed by the government. The purpose of the program is to allow each child to broaden and better appreciate his/her language and culture of origin. In our case, due to the overwhelming number of pupils who are of Italian origin, the language taught is Italian. The courses are offered from Mon-Thursday.

The purpose of the Homework Assistance Program in elementary school is to provide help with homework and assignments to all students who need it and to increase these students' motivation with regard to school and their ability to take responsibility for their academic progress. This program is offered to students from Monday to Thursdays.

Dramatic arts allow students to develop their imagination and their self-esteem. TBA

Intergrated in the homework program.

Robotics encourages students with different skill sets to form cooperative teams to build and operate a robot or design a gadget. The challenge is to have teams of two students designing, fabricating, and operating robots capable of completing various challenges. This program is offered every Wednesday and Thursday.

Students from grades 3-6 practice their reading skills. TBA

Participation Requirements

  • Parents of students who take the school bus must arrange alternative transportation for their child.
  • Students who participate in the after-school tutoring program must remain in the program as it takes precedence.
  • Parents of students who walk home must provide a letter of permission to the school.