Code of Conduct

St. Dorothy Elementary School fosters a harmonious environment in which students grow in mind, body and spirit. Students are encouraged to become responsible, productive, effective learners who develop the self-esteem, self-discipline and knowledge to become contributing citizens in our society. The two goals guiding our mission are academic perseverance and educational success for all. 

St. Dorothy Code of Conduct:

Arrive at school on time each day wearing the mandatory school uniform, with the appropriate materials and homework assignment carefully completed.

Students must behave in a safe and cooperative manner at all times, both in and out of class. Follow all school and classroom rules and obey common moral values.

Love learning, study hard, enjoy thinking and questioning, enjoy exploration and inquiry, and actively participate in community service and other beneficial activities.

Students are never permitted off the school property during school hours without permission. Students are not permitted on school grounds (or playground) after school hours unless supervised by an adult in the schoolyard.

Be honest, practice what you preach, befriend your classmates, and help and care for others.

The following items are prohibited at school or on a field trip:

  • Personal cameras
  • Cell phones
  • Handheld video games
  • Gum
  • iPods
  • Playing cards
  • Toys or any objects that may cause harm to someone
  • Nail polish, temporary tattoos and custom jewellery

N.B. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen objects. Parent(s) will be requested to pay for any damage to school and/or personal property resulting from carelessness or vandalism caused by their children.

St. Dorothy has Zero Tolerance for Bullying

Any repeated direct or indirect behavior, comment (inappropriate language), act or gesture, including the internet (Cyber bullying) by a student; which causes distress, violence, injuries, hurtful actions, intimidation and isolation of another student.


First Time Depending on severity: Call parent and request a written letter of apology to be given to the victim.
Second Time All Levels: Call parent and social worker
Pre-K and Kindergarten: Bullies must show acts of kindness towards the victim for a week e.g.:  carrying lunch box, getting her/his school supplies.  Have a reflection with the teacher at the end of the week.
Cycles 1 & 2:  Research bullying guidelines on, rewrite and present them to the class.
Cycle 3:   Bullies research and present a report to the class about people who believed in non violence
e.g. Martin Luther, Ghandi, Mother Teresa.
Third Time Depending on severity, coming in on a Ped Day to do community work.
Fourth Time Depending on the severity of the incident possible police intervention.