Welcome to St. Dorothy

St. Dorothy Elementary School fosters a harmonious environment in which students grow in mind, body and spirit. Students are encouraged to become responsible, productive, effective learners who develop self-esteem, self-discipline and knowledge to become contributing citizens in society. The two goals guiding our mission are academic perseverance and educational success for all. 

We are committed to:

Promoting the development of independent life-long learners
Promoting the development of strength, individuality and self-confidence
Fostering a peaceful atmosphere in school and in the yard
Fostering an environment that promotes mutual respect
Preparing our students to confront any and all challenges

We believe in:

Ensuring the security of students and staff
Celebrating diversity
Encouraging the contributions of everyone towards success and quality of life
Encouraging and supporting our staff

Our Educational Project:

The St. Dorothy School Educational Project has 7 orientations:

  • Through our rich, varied and technologically enhanced curriculum the St. Dorothy School staff will strive to ensure that each student will achieve mastery in English Literacy and fluency in French Literacy, as well as mastery in Numeracy within the context of the QEP.
  • The staff will strive to ensure that through all the disciplines taught, along with our Spiritual Animation Program, each student will grow in Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • The emphasis of instruction will be on cooperative and project-based learning.
  • In designing instruction and learning experiences for their students, the staff will allow for the learning needs, preferences and strengths of individual students and consider the experiences, interests and values which students bring to the classroom.
  • In a pluralistic society such as ours, our school will act as an agent of social cohesion by fostering a feeling of belonging to the community and teaching students how to live together.
  • We will promote the fundamentals of democracy and prepare our students to become responsible citizens within a framework of an inclusive school community.
  • We will, therefore, prepare our students to live together in harmony.
  • We, as a school, have a duty to make it possible for all students to achieve educational success.
  • Our school will provide all students with an educational environment that takes into account their interests, aptitudes and needs through differentiating instruction.
  • St. Dorothy School is an open and inclusive educational institution. As such, the school staff believes that each special needs student will reach his/her intellectual potential with maximal integration into regular, differentiated classrooms with appropriate resources and support to ensure educational success.
  • The St. Dorothy School Staff wisely integrates Information and Communication Technologies within the curriculum to support, sustain and improve learning.
  • The ability to understand, manage and integrate ICT will directly affect the quality of our students’ and staff’s lives and culture.
  • ICT integrated inclusive classrooms will provide a wide variety of learning experiences and will ensure that all learners have equitable opportunities to reach their potential.
  • The application of ICT in the learning process will help our students to develop the competencies necessary to validate (i.e. to select, compare, analyze, discriminate and synthesize) electronic information.
  • The St. Dorothy School Staff realize that Spirituality is a quality of the human character that is parallel to the physical, intellectual and emotional qualities.
  • Through our Spiritual Animation program we hope to instill in our students the Spiritual ties that bind them all as human beings that share in a common vision of living in peace and harmony with one another.
  • Partnerships are links with organizations, corporations, parents and individuals who will be considered a part of our school community.
  • The purpose of forming these partnerships will be to find innovative ways to achieve our educational mission.
  • Partnerships will help us increase the quality of life within our school community and enhance student learning.

School Facilities

St. Dorothy School located on a quiet residential street and is equipped with safe, modern facilities and a large playground.

  • Bright beautiful school building
  • Large school yard with two new playgrounds
  • Full-sized gymnasium with stage
  • School library
  • 2 Music rooms
  • Modern computer lab

Auxilliary Services

Provided by St. Dorothy for its students
and staff:

Caretaking (Janitorial)

  • Day Caretaker
  • Night Caretaker

Computer Technicians

  • ITS Field Services Technician
  • ICT (Computer Lab Technician)

Where is St. Michel?

Saint-Michel is a neighbourhood in the Montreal borough of Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension. It is located in the north-eastern part of the Island of Montreal. Saint-Michel is one of the most ethnically diverse areas in Montreal and in the province of Québec.

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